Image of Custom Concrete Candle Holder (Set of 10)

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Custom Concrete Candle Holder (Set of 10)


Make it yours; if you want something to set your names together forever, invest in the custom copper prism concrete candle holders. Ideal for unique wedding decorations, party favors, or business promotional items. The logo and/or text should be submitted to before proceeding. The price is based on an order of 10 candle holders. Rates can be provided for larger or smaller quantities.

The prism concrete candle holder provides a burst of warm light to your space. Perfect for the intimate evening, the soft candle light resonates off of the copper insert. Gentle warmth is contrasted by the angular prism concrete shape. The concrete gives your night a bit of weight so you're not carried off by the gentle glow.

When you're on daytime duty, the candle holders work well as a small planter for a mini bouquet.

Available in two colours: natural concrete and night (near black). The candle holder allows for a 1.5" candle diameter, large enough for a tea light.

Candle holders are 2.5" W x 2.5" D x 2.5" H.

Please note that due to natural colour variation in concrete, candle holders of the same colour may not match exactly. These candle holders are handmade with love so you can light up your night, but they may have slight surface imperfections.

Allow 4-6 weeks for production.