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J5 Table


Materials: Concrete, steel, hemlock, glass
Dimensions: 22” H x 17” D x 17” W

The J5 table attempts to dispel the myths about concrete being a flat and predicable material. In Alberta, we often see concrete as an industrial product, used to support the oil industry in many instances. I wanted to take this unlikely material and turn it into a desired object while considering local production and readily available materials. The J5 Table transcends the material by avoiding the flat surfaces and overly robust dimensions that are so commonly associated with concrete. The table also has warmth that one would not usually expect to be associated with concrete. Magnets hold the wooden legs onto the metal rods that poke out the bottom of the concrete. This allows for easy assembly and disassembly by the consumer for use, moving, or end of life cycle recycling. The concrete can also be dyed and the legs could be made from a variety of woods to suit consumers or designer’s needs.

The price is for the table with plate glass and sealed hemlock legs. Sturdy and strong, it should last through most bumps and knocks. However, tempered glass will be much stronger and is recommended for households with children or pets. The legs can be stained a variety of colours to match your decor. Please contact me with your colour choice.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this piece, allow 3-5 weeks for production..